Sunday 20 February 2022


De Witte Kunst

For ten years, Rats On Rafts has been a darling of the Rotterdam underground and loved in the Netherlands. On January 29, they released their new album titled Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths. The psychedelic post-punk concept album, a musical cycle, was picked up well at home and abroad. On October 14, the latest single Osaka was released, an ode to the city’s lightning visit. On February 20, 2022 they will be in PAARD!

psychedelische post-punkpunkTerm verwijderen: rock rock
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While the catchy new wave debut album The Moon Is Big received attention in the Netherlands in 2011 on programs such as DWDD and 3FM, the grittier psychedelic second album Tape Hiss resulted in an international collaboration with the British Fire Records in 2015. In the years that followed, they toured worldwide. After a collaboration album with De Kift , Rats on Rafts decided to start their own analogue studio in Rotterdam (Kurious Recoring Studio). The first result came with the single version of Where Is My Dream?

A restless and sense of adventure thats’s nigh unmatched

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