Thursday 7 December 2023 2023

The soil of the Flemish city of Ghent appears to be fertile for innovative and experimental sounds in the field of hard and heavy music. In 2021, for example, a new supergroup emerged from the Belgian artist collective Church Of Ra; PREDATORY VOID. Guitarist for Amenra, Oathbreaker and Living Gate Lennart Bossu began developing this project during the pandemic when live playing was not possible. It soon became apparent that much of this uncomplicated dark and heavy material did not fit into Amenra. He gathered singer Lina R. (Cross Bringer), bassist Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Doodseskader, Much Luv Studio), guitarist Thijs De Cloedt (Cobra The Impaler, ex-Aborted) and drummer Vincent Verstrepen (Carnation) together and Predatory Void was born. A year later the band entered the studio for “Seven Keys To The Discomfort Of Being”. Even before the recordings saw the light of day, she played the new material at the famous Dutch underground festival Soulcrusher. This created an enthusiastic fan base and a new level of motivation and confidence in what they set out to do. “We are not a marketing strategy, but five people who have an irresistible urge to make music and will undoubtedly screw it up every now and then. I hope this will at least be interesting for people to watch.”

Hard metal
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

Support: TAKH

TAKH originated in 2015, when The black heart rebellion invited Annelies Van Dinter as a guest musician on the record ‘people when you see the smoke’. A common love for doom and gloom, together with the raw approach to music that tears the soul apart, leads them to write new music together. Inspired by the likes of Swans, Low or Woven Hand, they challenge themselves to focus on pure intensity, not avoid experimentation and ask themselves what really moves them in life. Their self-titled debut album will be released in May 2023 on Consouling Sounds Records.