Paardcafé: OctavePussY

Thursday 30 May 2024 2024

2024 is the year the Dutch funk band OctavePussY (OPY) celebrates their 25th anniversary!

Formed in The Hague in 1999, this group of musicians – all with a deep love for funk – start in the illustrious Scheveningen studio “Blue & White” for their first demo CD “Propagations Of The Classical Groove”. It was extremely well received, its contemporary sound taking the band to a shitload of gigs in The Hague and surrounding areas. Even George Clinton aka Dr. Funkenstein of the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic is charmed by the energy of youngsters and sends out a delegation of his band members for the second mini album “The Life Of The Funkshipz Captain.” Finally, the Godfather himself comes to Scheveningen at night after his gig at Paradiso. And not to eat a fish, but to lay down some solid recording until the moment he almost misses his plane to England.

OctavePussY (OPY) grew into a solid funk act of stature and toured Holland, England, Germany, Finland and Belgium until part of the band fell away in 2007. The other part does not sit back, but focuses on and continues the band until today. 3 albums are released of which “Bimini Road” even has a Japanese pressing. Even in Japan, the fans now have a nice group of fans.

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