Paardcafé: Kaleidoscoop

Thursday 30 March 2023 2023

There’s a new concept in town: Kaleidoscoop! Get your gorgeous selves & ally friends ready for some inclusive* queer evenings filled with good vibes, games, music and start warming up to shine bright for our hot tunes! ️

We’re gonna host evenings that’ll start lowkey, giving everyone the opportunity to meet like minded people while sipping drinks, playing games, and slowly – as smooth as your pick up lines – will flow over to a hot night out, making those sexy hips shaken and smooth again!

Be prepared for queer-joy, a sense of community, connection, silliness & sexyness – and most importantly: feeling free in being your hot and unique self!

We regulate a ‘Good Vibes Only‘ policy. Creating a safe(r) space for the queer community where everyone can enjoy being themselves, freely, is priority no. 1.  So time to put all bad vibes in your  trashcan, put kindness and love in your heart and remember: consent is hot!

  • Café
  • 20:00
  • 20:00

Let’s make this concept a success so it can become a recurring event: save the date, bring your friends, and let us give the queer community a space in The Hague we all long for!

**Unfortunately, the venue isn’t designed in a wheelchair accessible way. We pointed this out, because we strive to make our nights as inclusive as possible. However, sadly, we can only do so as far as the facility allows us to be. So it is important to note that there is a staircase outside of the venue to enter, and also a staircase to the basement where the toilets are situated. Inside, there are about 10-20 seats to sit down during the night. Please send us a DM for further questions or more information about this subject.

20:00 – Start of KALEIDOSCOOP // where Queers meet

20:15 – Recital of a poem by the fabulous Babeth Fonchie Fotchind

21:00 – TED’s Muziekbingo by queer allrounder Teddy Uijttewaal

22:30 – DJ Andeweg: A queer DJ and collector with playful sets, gluing different genres together

00:00 – AAN TAFEL, a female and non-binary DJ-collective, playing soulful disco, groovy tunes

02:00 – The end of Kaleidoscoop (the venue stays open until 04:00 but will be open to all public)

Tunes provided by Andeweg & Aantafel


Wouter Andeweg aka Andeweg is a DJ and collector from The Hague. In addition to curating the online radio station “o o radio”, he runs a monthly show at the Rotterdam radio station Operator called “Plastic Fruits”. In addition, he regularly plays in the Paardcafe, Zeta and Gebr Nobel. Finally, together with Ewa Minderman, he forms the legendary duo Discozwemmen.
His sets are playful, exciting and go from one point to the next. He plays with the possibilities of gluing different genres together into a whole, so the sets are not tied to genre or style, but more to theme or feeling. Be surprised by a patchwork of pop, disco, house, boogie, hyperpop and the occasional guilty pleasure.


female and non-binary DJs who make the dance floor a joyful place where fun is taken seriously

Please check our Good Vibes Policy and more info about the night on our instagram account: And if you have any questions or feedback regarding the event, don’t hesitate to DM or e-mail us ([email protected])

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