Paardcafe: D-Felic

Saturday 8 June 2024 2024

D-Felic has been a DJ for over 25 years and since his debut album in 2009 also producing, was until his break in 2017 more to be admired outside the Netherlands.
From regular club nights and Berlin and Madrid, but also regularly to be found in New York and Los Angeles but now back for his comeback! And where else better to start than in his home city of The Hague!

D-Felic catches you with amazing floorfillers, but also takes you in deeper. Always soulful, always funky! Genres are hard to define for D-Felic, but expect everything between brokenbeat, (deep) house, afrobeats, funky house and UK garage.

New album on wicked wax label this summer!


  • Café
  • 23:30
  • 23:30