Friday 5 April 2013 2013

Ongetemd will rock Paard van Troje in The Hague on Friday the 5th of April once again. Ongetemd parties are known for their surprising mix of artists, loads of live music but mostly for its untamed celebration.

Anders 18+
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

This year DJ Friss, playing in the grote zaal, will get you warmed up for this awesome party. After that, surf band The Dawn Patrol will put everybody in the mood for Piñata with their joyful songs and reggae beats. Kraantje Pappie a born party crawler takes it to the next level with his quirky lyrics. The so-called hooligans of The Hague, De Kraaien, are a recipe for outrageousness and make you hungry for more screeching crows, masks and inflatable dolls. Get ready to jump your lungs out! To get you through the night DJ Remy will be providing you with a good fix of techno, electro and house. This time the honour of closing the night will be to Monkey Miracular, driving the crowd wild with their underground drum ‘n bass tracks. VJ Frissetypes are responsible for some astonishing graphics during this unforgettable evening. Dennis Weening will be hosting the night so you won’t miss out on your favourite act!

In the meantime at the kleine zaal DJ Winchester will be throwing you some beats to go crazy on.  What to expect? Trash electro, metal, dub step with a little hip hop thrown into the mix. Great sounds that blow your mind and make you move your feet. To complete the dance experience VJ Vissen seduces your eyes to step into the world of skating, snowboarding and surfing.