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néomí is a singer-songwriter in the folk-pop genre with both Dutch and Surinamese roots. At a young age she started piano lessons, but with little success. Until later when she found a cover of Ben Howard on the Internet and her interest caught on in a second. From this moment she began to teach herself guitar and write her own songs. In her music, she tells her own story. From growing up in Zwijndrecht to difficulties in her relationships. These stories are musically supported by dreamy soundscapes inspired by both old and new classical folk songwriters. Her music is influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Phoebe Bridgers and Bon Iver.


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néomí released her first work last year in the form of an EP called “before. In this five-song EP, she shares her own experiences growing up in Zwijndrecht. She always felt a bit of an outsider here. The desire to be different caused a rebellious attitude in her youth. In the first part of “Before,” she sings about her carefreeness during her upbringing. She was young, brash and always felt that if something went wrong, her parents would be there for her. This carefree attitude created polarizing feelings. This was followed by her second EP “After. Prior to the EP, she released the singles ‘red balloon’ and ‘skipping stone.’ In ‘after,’ she sings about relationships that came to an end in a bad way. She was eager to help the people around her with all her love, but later realized that this is an unhealthy way to live. In the song “i could never leave,” she sings about a relationship in which she was unable to get out. The two EPs form a whole: ‘before/after’.

Support: Kaya Juyane

“ The crippled mind, the love, the sin “