Thursday 21 October 2021


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It seems like years ago that MY BABY did a show in The Hague…. And that is absolutely true. But good news! The band will return to PAARD on October 21st and will bring a load of new songs. Music that they have been working on over the past two years and that they can now finally perform on stage.

For their new songs they have collaborated with, among others, the producer of the Chemical Brothers, so that promises a danceable, energetic evening.

Alternativeblues rockfunkpsychedelicRoots
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  • Voorverkoop start 7-5 om 10:00 uur | ticket €24,50
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

It hasn’t taken long for Amsterdam based trio MY BABY to build up formidable live reputation by touring relentlessly and by creating a unique, one of a kind sound. Not only have their shows perfectly bridged the gap between Rock and Dance Music. Their roots driven hypnotic dance music has casted a formidable spell and has taken the world by storm. It’s a sound informed by gospel and blues singing and playing fused with ancient folk melodies. Added to that is the rawness of seventies funk, African desert blues, Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga and a touch of EDM all played on guitars and drums without using computers or samples.

Psychedelic, blues rock and everything in between, Dutch/New Zealand trio My Baby aren’t really trying to show off when they reel off the kinds of music they take to.

– Rollingstone India, artikel