Thursday 16 May 2024 2024

MOONRIIVR’s knack for creating sonic worlds that are at once lightly trippy and wholly inviting means that, as much as Vol. 1 draws on inspirations from decades past, it maintains a pleasing, distinctly out-of-time feel. The band half-jokingly likened the album to “Buddy Holly meets Krautrock”, and strange as it sounds it’s not far off the mark.

folk indie rock
  • Café
  • 18:00
  • 21:00

Thematically, the songs are wide ranging, providing a winning contrast to the laser focus of MOONRIIVR’s sonic architecture. Running the gamut from personal reflections on finding pleasure in the minutiae of everyday life on “Blonde Hair Now” to meditations on some of the more disturbing and inescapable developments in world politics over the last few years (“Midnight at the Garden Hotel”, “Flowers on the Fire Escape”), Gardiner deftly addresses these seemingly disparate thought-poles with a balance of opacity and directness.

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