Thursday 22 April 2021

Peax: TIES MELLEMA & BARRY JURJUS [Pilot Event + Livestream]

The work of Ties Mellema is situated between jazz, minimal, classical and much more. On April 22, the saxophonist with percussion virtuoso Barry Jurjus will perform on stage. A dynamic duo that breathes music and can only bring something very beautiful with influences from electronic music (drum and bass, hip-hop), jazz, minimal music and contemporary classical music. In PAARD the release of the album “Reset” takes place that Mellema / Jurjus made after the Corona period in which they reinvented themselves as interstilist makers.

Pilot rapid tests in the Culture sector
So-called pilots will take place in the culture sector between 9 and 30 April to gain experience with (rapid) test infrastructure. PAARD is participating in this. This means that you can physically visit a number of shows in PAARD from 22 to 23 April with a negative test result for corona in your pocket. These pilot tickets are available from April 7 at 12:00.

What does this mean for my (livestream) ticket for PEAX?
The PEAX show on April 22 can be visited live in PAARD and can still be viewed for free via a livestream. If you want to experience the performance live, you can download a free ticket, of course the condition that you have a negative test result for corona with you on the day of the concert. Would you rather just watch from the living room? Sign up and receive a reminder with the stream link just before the start. Current ticket buyers will be refunded as soon as possible.
The aim of the pilot is to gain insight into the willingness of concertgoers to test, and to find out what possible obstacles are in the verification process at the door. When visiting PAARD, the Corona guidelines of the RIVM are applied. Read all the conditions about the pilots rapid tests in Culture here.
We are really looking forward to seeing you again!

  • Meld je aan voor een gratis livestream ticket. tickets voor het pilot event met sneltesten zijn uitverkocht.
  • Grote zaal met zitplaatsen
  • 18:30
  • 19:30

After a period of serious illness, Mellema has reinvented himself as a musician. The familiar Amstel Quartet was left behind and they went their own way. According to him, the music became more intuitive and more intense. A story is told on stage and the viewer cannot help but continue to watch mesmerized. Ties is renowned both as a soloist and as a player in an ensemble. Many music prizes were won, including the prestigious Dutch Music Prize.

PEAX was born as a multi-stylistic cross-over ensemble of saxophonist Ties Mellema and percussionist / drummer Barry Jurjus. PEAX integrates all the music that resonated with Barry and Ties in their 20+ years of careers as classical and cross over musicians. Their inspiration comes from minimal music, funk, jazz, baroque, avant-garde, drum and bass. The worldwide Corona crisis marked the beginning of this duo. Barry and Ties both suddenly had time to get together and share their ideas about music. Both experienced a strong musical connection, which resulted in the creation of their own pieces.

You can already order the PEAX “RESET” CD via Bandcamp.

Ik doe niet aan stijlen, ik maak muziek

Ties Mellema