Foto: Evi Marian Bulters
Sunday 6 October 2019


Marvin Dee Band announces a new start with ‘Changes’. On the 6th of October the band presents their new album ‘Changes’ in PAARD.

Marvin Dee band is starting a new chapter and celebrate the release of their new album with a big release show in PAARD. The upcoming art-rock/Americana band from Rotterdam starts their new chapter after a long period of change and growth on personal and musical level, that’s why they called their album ‘Changes’. It started as a working title, named after a song which in the end didn’t even make the album. But they decided to keep the name as it was the most fitting after all.


*incl € 2,50 servicefee

The band went through a long period of growth and change, which they now end. With a new guitarist, new backing-vocalists and a new drummer the Martin Dee Band is reborn. There’s 11 beautiful songs on the new album which each tell a story of the Marvin Dee Band.