Sunday 12 November 2023 8380

KULT [sold out]

In 1982 Polish rock band Kult started in Warsaw. Their early work was influenced by alternative, progressive and punk rock, as well as British new wave. From here the band innovated their style with many influences to a completely unique sound. The band’s music has been praised for its distinct horn section, energetic shows, and frontman Staszewski’s strong lyrics. On November 12, Kult brings an evening full of Polish history to PAARD.

  • Grote Zaal
  • 17:00
  • 18:00

Due to the sometimes politically charged message, much of the band’s work was disallowed by the censorship bureau, much of it clearly directed against “the system”. The band’s biggest success was the second album, the slightly psychedelic “Posłuchaj to do Ciebie”. Since then, the band has gained huge popularity in Poland, with songs like “Do Ani”, “Arahja” and “Krew Boga” reaching number 1 on the Polish Radio LP3 chart. When communist rule in Poland came to an end in 1989, Kult’s success grew. Songs like “Generał Ferreira / Rząd oficjalny” became a number 1 hit and stayed in the top 20 for 33 weeks. Also the hits “Dziewczyna bez zęba na przedzie”, “Komu bije dzwon”, “Gdy nie ma dzieci” and “Lewy czerwcowy ” all reached the first position. Kult is and was one of the most famous groups in Polish music history. After an impressive career of no less than 14 albums with countless hits, the band returns to The Hague.