Saturday 21 December 2013 2013

Support: Eveline VroonlandKris and Perq met each other during summertime in 2011 at a jam session in Amsterdam. At the time of their first acquaintance, Kris had just released her first EP, and Perquisite was in the middle of the tour related to his album 'Across'. The concerning album was his first release after ending his collaboration with Pete Philly. Kris and Perq planned a studio session to see how a collaboration would work out, which turned out great. It didn't take them very long to come up with 15 great bluesy, soulful and melancholic songs.In September 2013 the duo has released the new album, called Lovestruck Puzzles. To promote this album, they will be performing at Paard van Troje on the 21st of December.The support this evening is coming from Eveline Vroonland. This solomusician uses nothing but her own voice combined with a loopstation to produce atmospheric soul/popsongs.

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