Thursday 16 September 2021


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Last year on Friday September 18, 2020 it was 50 years ago that guitar virtuoso and musical greatness Jimi Hendrix left us in awe. His sudden death – at just 27 years old – hit the music world like a bomb. Hendrix was the most eccentric guitarist ever and is still an important source of inspiration for the current generation of musicians. His psychedelic guitar playing unleashed a revolution in rock & roll in the late 1960s. His haunted solos, left-handed on that upturned guitar, sometimes with his teeth, sometimes in his neck; it created a true cult status. Behind Hendrix was also a Marshall tower and under his foot the signature wahwah pedal. A year later than originally intended, but luckily we can still honor this great musician this year.

  • € 22,50
  • Grote Zaal / Main Hall
  • 19:30
  • 20:30

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

Hendrix tribute band or Hedon All Stars:

The basis of the Hendrix Tribute Band consists of: Bauke Bakker – drums/vocals; Reindert Kragt – bass guitar; Len van de Laak – keys; and Rick Mensink – percussion. Specially for this tribute, the band is assisted by a group of fantastic guitarists/singers, including Vedran Mircetic (De Staat); Kees Lewiszon and Merijn van Haren (Navarone), Twan van Gerwen (Beef and Kenny B, among others), Tommy Ebben (Komodo), Gerrit Veldman (Veldman Brothers/Prodigal Sons) and Henk Wesselink (Money & the Men). A local hero will also play as an extra guest per room! Who that is in which room remains a surprise for a while!

In recent years, the Hedon Production House has developed a tradition of paying tributes to Jimi Hendrix. This year there is a record number of halls throughout the Netherlands who are participating! This tribute to ‘The guitaristen’ will be a rock party with Dutch top guitarists and an absolute top band that revive Hendrix’s natural legacy. From The Experience to the Woodstock band; from The Band Of Gypsies to the rhythm & blues repertoire. In addition, the performance includes an exhibition with unique photos and awesome canvases, and we also present the published book Jimi Hendrix Complete (The story of the 119 songs). Different guests will be seen and heard in each room, but above all it will be a beautiful evening not to be missed with only top musicians who carry Hendrix in their hearts.