Saturday 13 January 2018

INDEPENDIENTE met Kong, Yokocola & Stakbabber

Grauzone is back again, this time with another cool evening named ‘INDEPENDIENTE’ and it promises to be a great line-up, with performances of Stakbabber, Yokocola and Kong. It’s a selection of cutting-edge acts that represent avant-garde, and within this evening you can expect a mix of alternative post-punk, indie, alternative rock, electro and progressive rock.




*incl € 2,50 servicefee

Stakbakker is an alternative, indie- and post-punk quartet. The band is lead my Mick Ness, who was a part of the Ultra Movement, the band Mecano and later on as a singer and guitarist of Sexepil. Stakbabber released their first album ‘Polarized’ in 2015 and it was well received. The record was described as ‘’solid melancholic rock’’.

Kong represents a mix of instrumental-, alternative rock and avant-garde. You can expect an exciting show full of well-arranged compositions in which they experiment between electro and rock. The band was founded back in 1988 and has known a couple of different formations since then. After a break between 2000 and 2007 the band reunited with a new drummer. Kong released their last album ‘’Stern’’ in 2014, but their live reputation is timeless.

Yokocola is a pretty special band from Rotterdam, described in their own words as ‘’Punks on Acid!’’ and ‘’the answer to the lame rock culture in The Netherlands’’. This band and it’s front woman likes to shock, as you can probably tell from these quotes. The band gets their inspiration from proto-punk, kraut-rock and psych/experimental rock.

Step on in catch a wave and surf the musical narrative in the clip attached, you’ll be glad you did; it’s a wild ride mama

Ave Noctum about Kong