Monday 21 March 2022


Imarhan means “My loved ones” in Algarin. How close can you be as loved ones in a bond? The band members met in their twenties and have known each other since 2004, they decided to make music together in 2006. In 2o18 the most recent album “Temet” was released. In this album you hear North African, Tuareg music with a touch of desert blues. Temet not only sounds enchanting or even hypnotic, but also swinging and exciting. Imarhan is in PAARD on March 21, 2022.

Klinkt als Tamikrest, bombinoBluesdessertbluesfunkpop
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Imarhan is an Algerian Tuareg band that was formed in 2006 in Tamanrasset. The eponymous debut album was released in 2016 by the German record label City Slang. The album was produced by Tinariwen bassist Eyadou Ag Leche and cousin of Imarhan’s vocalist.

Wil je je zomer net even anders, heerlijk open en werelds klinkend doormaken, luister dan eens met aandacht naar dit album

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