Tuesday 21 June 2022


Institutions crumble under the weight of political hubris. The environment withers in the face of systemic neglect. Interpersonal relationships fall apart among divisive discourse. However, friendship endures in spite of all that tragedy and trauma. Underpinned by guitar grind, industrial buzz, and unnervingly catchy vocal transmissions, Human Impact flows between intense instrumental insurgency and hypnotic harmonies. The band connects on the most primal, poetic, and powerful level with their show. Check them out at PAARD!

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The story of Human Impact really begins with the mutual respect and admiration shared by four noise rock pioneers whose paths circled for nearly three decades, yet finally converged in 2018. The quartet—vocalist and guitarist Chris Spencer [Unsane], bassist Chris Pravdica [Swans, Xiu Xiu], keyboardist Jim Coleman [Cop Shoot Cop], and drummer Phil Puleo [Cop Shoot Cop, Swans]—manifest the potential of this union on their 2020 self-titled debut, Human Impact [Ipecac Records].

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Human Impact