Friday 22 December 2023 8381

Excited for summer man! We’re throwing the smallest, biggest, best, and hottest pop & hip-hop into the washing machine during Hollandse Hitte. A blazing hot club night with nothing but gems from our own soil: Dutch hits, hip-hop classics, and everything from today. No barrel organs, no Hazes (sorry), just the finest pearls from the Netherlands, lekker met de meiden!

nederhop nederpop 18+
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 23:30
  • 23:30

The DJ is playing those wicked songs from Froukje – Opgezwolle – Broederliefde – S10 – Elmer – De Jeugd – Doe Maar – Dio – The Opposites – Chibi Ichigo – GOLDBAND – Sef – MEROL – Joost – Jonna Fraser – Antoon – and so much more. Is there life on Pluto? Can you dance on the moon? Not yet, but you sure can at Hollandse Hitte!