Thursday 30 May 2024 2024

The upbeat and energetic vibe of Goldkimono returns to PAARD on 30 May 2024 during his S.O.O.N tour! Moving to the beat of 90s hip-hop, the sonic vibrations of this Dutch writer/producer will make you look at the world with a positive perspective. For Goldkimono, music is all about energy. He conveys this feel-good energy with his lively beats and carefree lyrics.

hiphop pop
  • €25,00 *
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:00
  • 19:30

In 2023, Goldkimono released his most recent work called ‘Something Out Of Nothing’. The album explores the theme of creation and the idea of making something out of it. According to Goldkimono, this is up to the listener to fill in. Let this be life, your situation, relationships, your environment, just ‘it’ in general. For Goldkimono himself, writing lyrics and making music is the way he can capture his thoughts, liberate feelings and make the shadows sing off the walls.

The album ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ examines many different topics, including a song dedicated to his father and another that deals with the state of the world. Feeling, as in his previous work, remains an overarching theme. Goldkimono stresses that in the end, it’s all about the listener; what you experience and how you feel is most important to him. He hopes to have a positive influence on the listener with his music.

Support: Sophia

Dutch pop singer and singer-songwriter Sophia recently performed in our Kleine Zaal. Now she opens the show for Goldkimono. Sophia writes emotional songs that she puts in a pop format, with strong melodies. She has worked with producer Arno Krabman from an early age. The first successful result of their collaboration was “Alaska,” the original song that all of the Netherlands got to hear in 2020 during the final of The Voice of Holland, which she won at the age of 17.