Sunday 19 May 2019


Reb Fountain

Finn Andrews is best know for his band ‘The Veils’ maar dit keer gaat hij solo op pad met enkel zijn gitaarkoffer in de hand. De woeste gitaarklanken van ‘The Veils’ worden ingeruild voor een intieme setting en zachtere melodieuze piano en strijkers.

“I’d been writing while I was making these Veils records, and I knew they didn’t quite fit into that world,” Andrews says. “After about three years I ended up with a book of songs, kind of by accident. It was a nice feeling amassing these songs but I began feeling pretty haunted by them after a while to be honest. The songs were just sitting there looking pissed off at me from the desk, visibly disappointed that I hadn’t found a purpose for them yet. The book was filling up, and I knew I had to do something with them. ”- Finn Andrews says. In March of this year, He will be releasing his first solo album ‘One Piece At A Time’ wich was recorded entirely live at The Lab in Auckland, New- Zealand.


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Music literally flows through Finn Andrews veins: his father, Barry Andrews, is the legendary XTC keyboardist.  So it wasn’t a surprise that Finn started his band ‘The Veils’ at the tender age of 16. Soon after they signed a record deal with the record label ‘Rough Trade Records’ (known for The Smiths, Arcade Fire, Craig Davies) and soon they gained succes for their intens dark indie-rock sound. The band also achieved a lot of popularity with film- and tv-producers, they recently had a cameo in the show ‘Twin Peaks’ in which they played their song ‘Axolotl’ in a café, as well as on soundtracks by luminary film directors Tim Burton and Paolo Sorrentino.

This record certainly marks a change in me. I feel like it’s taken me somewhere else. That’s kind of the spooky element of making albums: you think you’re making them but really they're making and shaping you.

Finn Andrews over zijn nieuwe album