Friday 29 June 2018


Fiesta Macumba is a famous concept in the Dutch night life for years now, with always the same well-known recipe: dancin’, flirtin’ and enjoyin’ the finest Música Latina, from back in the days and now. The Macumba Soundsystem & friends bomb the dancefloor with a Molotov cocktail of exotic sounds: reggaetón, cumbia, dancehall, Pachanga, salsa, merengue, bachata, kuduro, tropical bass, latin hip hop… everything is thrown into a blender with a steaming dancefloor as a result!

  • €12,50 | Deur €17,50
  • Grote Zaal
  • 23:30
  • 23:30

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

Big Hall:
▸ Fiesta Macumba Soundsystem, all night long!
El Salón (Salsa, Bachata & Merengue):
▸ Dj Lalo “El Bandido”