Tuesday 30 May 2023 2023

Hailed as one of the most vital standard-bearers of modern African music, Fatoumata Diawara takes her artistry to fresh and thrilling heights on her new album FENFO. Boldly experimental yet respectful of her roots, it’s a record that defines her as the voice of young African womanhood – proud of her heritage but with a vision that looks confidently to the future and a message that is universal.

Voor liefhebbers van Mariam & Amadou, Buena Vista Social Club & Oumou Sangaré
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  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:30
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Her spectacular 2011 debut album Fatou made the Malian singer and guitarist the most talked about new African artist on the planet.  FENFO (which translates as “something to Say”’) dramatically fulfils that promise on a set of vivid and original new compositions that draw on the rich experiences she has enjoyed since.

“I’ve had so many different musical adventures since the last album, touring and working with so many other musicians and I think you can hear how all of that feeds into this record,” she says. “This is my time and I’m sharing my soul.”

“ Het album FENFO legt de krachtige stem van Fatoumata vast en dekt een palet aan genres gespeeld door een verfijnde band. “

The Guardian