Thursday 4 May 2017


Sinister soundscapes, complex drums and nearly whispering grunts that all come together in a freakishly threating yet goosebumps-evoking sound: Emptiness is not just a metal band, but they are truly one of the best kept secrets and a diamond in the rough from Belgium.

Despite the members will always look at the genre with a healthy dose of curious experimentation, you could pigeonhole their core sound as a mix between post-death –and black metal. Their music always sounds dark, yet dreamy, psychedelic and atmospheric. The Belgians also made a huge impression on their producer, Jeordie White (Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson), who immediately insisted on working with them. “Dare to close your eyes and let ‘Not For Music’ lure you into their realm of dark muscic’, is the band’s personal advice for an approach to their newest record. The jet-black album has been released by the beginning of this year and New Noise Magazine seems to be feeling quite enthused about it: ‘Emptiness have written music that is both fascinating, entertaining and highly experimental.’ You will have the chance to watch them play this music live on May the 4th.

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Tilburg has a very active music scene when it comes to the heavier genres and GGU:LL is part of that. Their organic-sounding doom metal is not recommended to the faint of heart, however, lovers of hard-hitting riffs, pompous abuse of the drum kit (the poor thing has to take a lot of severe beatings) and sinister singing will give in to these amazing musical talents from Brabant.

“Oneindig treurig en welhaast apocalyptisch, maar hypermuzikaal, fabuleus geproduceerd en magisch mooi. Wat een plaat”

de Volkskrant over ‘Not For Music’ van Emptiness en gaf de plaat de maximale score van vijf sterren.