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CORONA UPDATE 25/2: This event can be visited without a Covid Certificate (qr-code) or negative testresult and without 1.5 meter measures or mask!

This show is rescheduled from 13th of January to this new date. Ticketbuyers received an e-mail. Tickets (with the old date) remain valid. No e-mail, send a message to [email protected] 

DeWolff had just started their 2019 Tascam Tapes European Tour when the Covid 19 pandemic broke out and they, like so many others, had to return home. But not before they did a free livestream show in Maastricht on their way home from Budapest on March 17, the first in the Netherlands. Although they only played for their crew, the livestream was watched by about 50,000 people.

DeWolff is not a band that sits still. They have released three albums in the past three years: “Tascam Tapes” (2020), “Live & Outta Sight II” (2019) and “Thrust” (2018) and toured Europe tirelessly before the pandemic to enrich everyone with their psychedelic Southern blues rock. The band also never chooses the easiest way. For example, the previous album “Tascam Tapes” was recorded on tour with a four-track cassette recorder from the eighties in hotels, motels, in backstage areas, changing rooms and even on the side of the road. They then gave fans exclusive access to pre-listen to the record via a hotline number. Busy wolves they are…


  • € 27,00
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

*incl. €3,00 Service

When it came time for studio album number nine, the gentlemen were not going to just wait for the corona problems to blow over. “I thought: never in our lives will we have so much time to get inspired, write and create,” Pablo recalls. “Music is our favorite thing in the world.” And so their latest album “Wolffpack” came out this year.

DeWolff has already played at festivals such as Pinkpop, Lowlands, Down the Rabbit Hole, Zwarte Cross and that is not even the whole list. But DeWolff also does not stop at the Netherlands. Foreign festivals such as Sziget (HUN), Reeperbahn (DE) and Azkena (ES) have already found the band. In addition, the men have been touring under their own steam as headliners throughout Europe for several years and they have even sold out most shows in recent years. So be quick, because tickets are going fast!