Saturday 13 April 2024 2024

Anyone who sees the Dawn Brothers play, inevitably gets sucked into the musical whirlwind soaring across the stage. It’s a clash of sounds and styles, with rock, folk, blues and soul being mixed and stirred into an irresistible cocktail. It’s this feeling of ‘what’s going on here’ that makes Rotterdam-based Dawn Brothers a band you want to be part of yourself. A band with perfect musical chemistry, one that oozes the joy of playing and has the love for music racing through each and every vein.

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  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

They may be modest by nature, on ‘Alpine Gold’, the Dawn Brothers are not afraid to open Pandora’s Box and flood their listeners with a wave of exciting, original and creative music that will leave them mystified.

‘Alpine Gold’, the new album by Dawn Brothers, will be released on October 27th through Excelsior Recordings.

Support: JesperJesper

The four-piece band JesperJesper was founded by Jesper Albers, whom you may know as the drummer of rock bands Paceshifters, Mozes And The Firstborn, and the Australian Wolfmother. This time, he takes on the role of singer/guitarist. With their infectious live shows, the Zwolle-based band demonstrates a commitment to having fun. The alt-country sound with hints of 90s indie rock is reminiscent of acts like Ryan Adams and The Replacements, with occasional ventures into the rootsy music of Neil Young. Following a successful Popronde and numerous other performances, the debut EP ‘Keep An Eye Out’ saw the light of day in November 2023 on the Goomah Music label. New music is in the works, and they can be frequently seen live throughout the year!