Sunday 3 July 2022


Carson McHone

This show has been moved from the 4th of July 2021 to the new date of the 3th of July 2022! Ticketbuyers have received an e-mail!

On one hand Daniel Romano sounds like a chameleon. Several styles, mixed up to something authentic and different to what you already know. On the other hand Romano’s music sounds like that of a protestsinger who wants to take a stand against injustice in the world. The Canadian singer has been compared to Bob Dylan and other country/folk-stars, but is also influenced by more modern, less folky, acts. We already saw him play at Sniester festival, but on July 4th Daniel Romano will play our Kleine Zaal.

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Daniels newest album How Ill Thy World Is Ordered is his ninth (!) studioalbum of 2020. But that doesn’t mean it’s of lesser quality. On the contrary. Almost every song makes impact and sounds more urgent than ever, from the titeltrack to ‘First Yoke. Partially thanks to the good collaborations with his band, and strong arrangements, the record sounds almost better than Romano’s previous work. Furthermore does it seem that in the current era of chaos and uncertainty, a voice has risen. A voice who asks the questions about the current state of our earth. ‘Oh, how ill thy world is ordered’.

Dit is geen suffe boerenmuziek, hier stel je je een kroeg vol slecht volk met pistolen en gebroken harten bij voor. Verzonnen verhalen, recht uit het hart.

3voor12, op Into The Great Wide Open