Sunday 3 March 2024 2024

Dark, honest and open. Bert Dockx puts an overwhelming amount of emotion into his songs. Whispering guitars, lingering percussion and a voice that seems to come from your own brain.

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Two years after the crash, Bert Dockx presents his new Bert Dockx Band and Ghosts, an album of rebirth and transgression, one of many firsts. Dockx never dedicated this much time to meticulously crafting each song. For the first time, he entrusts a finished record to a complete outsider. Never before has he reached out so far into the outside world.
The relaxed and positive atmosphere during the recordings is magnified in what Dockx calls ‘my best guitar playing ever’, and the deep, powerful use of his voice in its natural range. ‘I had fun making this album,’ says Dockx, ‘and I really hope it shows’.

“ Dit album is een botanische tuin onderhevig aan wildgroei “