Saturday 18 May 2024 2024

Music has the unique property that it is equally a reflection of the person who makes it as of the person who listens to it. The Hague-based singer-songwriter Banner. is well aware of this. By
telling his own story, he also gives shape to the feelings of others. After he disappeared from the radar for a while, he is back with a new album: Limonin. The album is a collection of songs that can each stand very well on their own, but ultimately, in the form of the album, will feel like more than the sum of its parts. They are songs that are as candid as they are freely interpretable. They are musically navigate between subdued (semi)acoustic ballads, layered tracks that continue to grow, and more rock-leaning songs.

On Monday May 18th, you can hear Banner. live in our GR8 Theater!

Voor liefhebbers van Wildau, Matt Perriment, Shoot for the Sun indie folk pop rock
  • GR8
  • 19:30
  • 19:30