Thursday 10 January 2019


Charlie Whitten

19:30 deur open
20:00 Charlie Whitten
20:50  Andrew Combs

It seemed like his mission was to give beautiful country with a 70’s feel a new life when the from Nashvill orginated Andrew Combs played the small hall full of Americana-fans in 2016. In the meantime he proved that his muscial talent is much more than that. With his mezmerizing, melancholic voice (that will make sure to give you goosebumbs when he hits the higher notes) he makes a beautiful crossover between americana, indie and warm-blooded pop. His songs then took a bath in a lush mix of guitars and violins.

“An incredible talent who deserves more recognition… It’s been a long time since I‘ve heard hitting rock bottom sound so sweet.”– WIDE OPEN COUNTRY.
“De stem van Combs die we, geheel subjectief natuurlijk, tot een van de mooiste uit het genre rekenen..” AltCountry *****

Klinkt als Roy Orbison, Jim Croce, Jeff Buckley
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With growing older, it’s inevitable that you are starting to think about a lot of different stuff. Combs is no exeption to this, that’s why his lyrics are full of worries about political questions and climate change. Now that he became a dad, he is starting to question in what kind of world his kids will grow up. With his song Dirty Rain he scetches an image of a future, but not a happy one, it’s a future in which his kids will only play in the rain. Last july he returned with an album, on which he covers songs that have had an impact on his life (one is of The Strokes) and 1 single, which he named 5 covers & a song.

His opener is one of whom we could say that he has an old soul. Charlie Whitten takes you on a journey along the sound of Pink Floyd and Simon & Garfunkel. The music Whitten produces sounds familiar, feels like home and is almost like putting a fuzzy blanket over youself on a cold winter night.


Wat een pracht, wat een fijne melancholieke zangstem en wat een smaakvolle strijkarrangementen.

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