Friday 7 December 2018

RAHZEL (The Roots) feat. The X-Ecutioners

DJ Rockid

19:30 DJ Rockid
20:30 RAHZEL (The Roots) feat. The X-Executioners

Beatbox world champion in da house! Rahzel grew up on the streets of Queens, New York and has been developing as a beatboxer since he was little. In 1995 his musical talents are recognized by hiphop formation The Roots, with who he wins a Grammy for ‘Best Rap Performance By A Duo or Group in ’99. He gets to thank his nickname ‘Godfather of Noyze’ to the fact that he can sing or rap without breaking a sweat while he is beatboxing, which is the same for a bass section and melody.

Not only The Roots where amazed by his talents. He has worked together with e.a. Erykah Badu, Ben Harper, Sean Paul and Björk, with this collaborations he showed how versatile he is as an artist. Rahzel keeps on astonishing and his gig at The Hague won’t be anything less than that. We can only guess what he is going to show us this time, what we do know for sure, is that it’s going to be sick.

Billboard Magazine about Rahzel: “Everyone should experience his fascinating rhythms…using just his lips, cheeks, gums, and Adam’s apple he (recreates), with amazing accuracy and detail, tracks from the magic mixing desks of Pete Rock…and others.’’

A chance to see one of the most important artists of this genre live, this truly is a chance that can’t be missed.

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But Rahzel won’t come alone, this time he’ll bring, without a doubt, the best turnablists of all time, The X-Ecutioners. This group from New York started out with eleven DJ’s, nowadays there are three of them left, Total Eclipse, DJ Boogie Blind and DJ Precision. The Americans have done some exeptional collaborations (Linkin Park, Cypress Hill) and are known for their ‘Beat Juggling’ skills and bodytricks (Turn around and backspin with your back to the table). If they will treat us with that this night will remain a guess, but that your jaw will drop to the ground because of their spectacular fast scratches is a fact.

The Ultimate ’88 Hip Hop Reunion

This night is a collaboration with ‘The Ultimate ’88 Hip Hop Reunion’. 1988 was a tremendous year in the history of the Hip Hop era. At The Hague’s venue Paard it went down every Sunday afternoon. Hip Hop fans from all over the country would gather to catch a glimpse of the unique atmosphere. Guys like Def Rhymes, Postman, All star Fresh and Dreams were regular visitors. The newest tracks were played by resident DJ Gizmo and they danced along to Public Enemy, Kid & Play and Salt & Pepa. Artists like Jungle Brothers, KRS One, DJ Cash Money, Ice T and Queen Latifah came over from the US. Everyone wanted to be here and it’s something people are still talking about; what a time! The need to keep on celebrating this era was there and that’s why ‘The Ultimate ’88 Hip Hop Reunion’ was born, with the goal to keep on giving you this atmosphere from 1988 at least once a year! Do you want to know more about this? Go to:

"You’re doing something right when Stevie Wonder gives you a standing ovation."