Thursday 11 April 2024 2024

The indie rock formation Pip Blom originated in the Netherlands, but is internationally famous. With an energetic stage presentation that exudes joy and songs that get stuck in your head like earworms, the group has already performed at festivals from Best Kept Secret (Netherlands) to Glastonbury (England) to Iceland Air (Iceland) and the band filled halls of Groningen (Vera) to London (100 Club) to New York (Mercury Lounge).

  • €19,00 *
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

The new album ‘Bobbie’ provides a good insight into Pip Blom’s new direction. The ‘catchy pop songs with a twist’ have remained, but whereas the old material was entirely based on guitars and synthesizers, samples and computers now also play a role. It represents a new sound without losing the appeal and characteristics of the old one.

Support: Dorpsstraat 3
On a slow day, some friends were walking past the vacant building at 3 Dorpsstraat, where the old residence of the village priest they grew up with is located. After wandering through the dusty house for a while, they ended up in the basement where, unlike the rest of the house, they found more than they had expected. The basement was filled with analog synthesizers, drum machines, and a large record collection, among which they discovered artists such as Grauzone, ZZ & the Masks, Kraftwerk, and Erkin Koray.
Inspired by the record collection and the abundance of empty wine bottles in the basement, they wrote a song about the priest in question and named themselves after the building where it all began, Dorpsstraat 3. The music of Dorpsstraat 3 balances between post-punk and synthwave, drawing inspiration from various types of music that come from very different places both geographically and temporally, and throws it all together. Sometimes it seems as if these influences always belonged together, and sometimes they confuse you, thus Dorpsstraat 3 tells stories you haven’t heard yet.