Friday 22 March 2019


Aymar Torres

Inspired by traditional Afro-Caribbean music and European dance, the Dutch band Kuenta Y Tambu has scored great danceable hits since 2005! The name, translated from Papiamento, means ‘stories and drums’. In addition to drums and congas, the band makes frequent use of foreign instruments such as cajon, pandeiro, chapi and kachu.

Klinkt als Major Lazor meets de Arawak IndiansWe Are Public
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You can attach multiple values ​​to a tradition, you can see it as an abandoned and dusty museum exhibition. But some people look beyond that, they look at the possibility of traditions, towards a line that goes through the entire history, to the present. These people are the ones who respect the past, but do not allow themselves to be disturbed, they are an essential part of it. Like the band members of Kuenta Y Tambu, they have transformed the old tambú music of Curaçao into the 21st century phenomenon ‘Tambutronic’.

Kuenta Y Tambu takes the sounds of the Dutch clubs and mixes them effortlessly with the percussive, evocative Caribbean roots. This proves how easy traditional grooves can move in new, unexpected ways.

“The six-beat complexity and metal percussion of tambú arrived, strategically, as peaks of momentum.”

New York Times