Sunday 22 September 2019



Sharon Kovacs makes beautiful music with her raw and soulful voice, which is dark and pure. Because of her peculiar voice, singing schools recommended her to do something else. But we’re glad she continued singing! These days she is conquering the world with her charismatic appearance and dark, raw voice. 22nd of September live at Paard!

Klinkt als Portishead, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

Kovacs made her debut with her Bond-noir-like EP called ‘My Love’ in 2013, which she recorded in Cuba. Her debut album ‘Shades of Black’, which hit the charts in 36 countries. Her second album ‘Cheap Smell’ is an impressive and open soul album and is named after Kovacs’ first band. It’s an album that is inspired by the search for the right path, in chaotic times.

Met sterke songs, een indringende performance en een overdonderende productie schaart Kovacs zich tussen de grote meiden van de popmuziek.

Jan van der Plas – OOR