Saturday 25 June 2022


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Expect sharp lyrics and flows, danceable roots-embracing grooves, warm jazzy soul chords and futuristic synths with Kay Slice. Slice let De Wereld Draait Door swing in the studio, let Mathijs van Nieuwkerk whistle, grab the attention of international blogs such as Earmilk, performed with his live band at VPRO Mundo, received several rave reviews from 3voor12, and according to Red Bull is one of the acts that will blow up. Kay Slice is on the stage of PAARD together with YVES.

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Kay Slice mixes soulful hip-hop – inspired by acts like Anderson Paak and The Roots – with afrobeat inspired by artists like Ebo Taylor and Fela Kuti. His music is inspired. It is the result of a quest for his own self, via his mother and fatherland Ghana. Kay sees music as the ideal form to connect more deeply with his roots. The Afrobeat represents the part of himself that he only knew from Ghanaian birthdays, from the CDs his father played. In  his work he embraces and shows himself in all facets, and in doing so he focuses the spotlight on everyone who, like him, is the product of multiple cultures. He has a great mission: to pass on a rich impression of Africa to his generation. Africa as the part of the world where the spiritual power of music is recognized and celebrated. With his music Kay also wants to tell about people who are not seen, feelings that are not yet embraced. Self love, identity and everything you come across in the search for yourself.

YVES, born and raised in Amsterdam, grew up largely in Almere. The connection with music was instilled in him from the very beginning. Through his mother’s mixtape collection, he came into contact with R&B, hip-hop and soul music, influences that can clearly be heard in YVES’s music. After playing football for FC Volendam for a while, he decided to focus entirely on music. Together with producer SHY, he manages to create a bridge between sounds from different worlds and this led to the release of his debut singles ‘Lifestyle & Party’ and ‘Keep Hoping’. This is how YVES first appeared in the hip-hop scene in the Netherlands. His talent eluded Mr. Not Probz and so YVES signed as SHY in 2018 with his label ‘Left Lane Recordings’. With the singles ‘Village’, ‘In M’n Hoofd’, ‘Medicijn’ and ‘Gespeksstof’ in 2019, he enabled himself to develop his skills and YVES started to receive more and more attention and recognition from the wider public. In early 2020 he released his highly anticipated debut EP called; ‘SADDERDAYS’ and together with his executive producers SHY and Clarx Kent they fused the Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz sound into a collective.

Kay Slice brengt spice met zijn mengelmoes van soul, hiphop, Afrobeat en klanken uit Ghana

Emma Frenken (3voor12)