Tuesday 9 August 2016 2016

Henry 'motormouth' Rollins, do we really need to introduce him? Former singer of Black Flag and The Rollins Band comes to Zuiderparktheater with a spoken word show: Charmingly Obstinate Tour! "I'm not a funny guy, I just tell stories about funny things that happened to me." Bruised to Black FlagIf you know the story of this legendary singer, then you understand he has collected a LOT of interesting lifestories. Neglected by his parents, divorcement of his parents, abused and hyperactivity made him quit angry at the world. He decides to puts his energy into music and starts the singer of the disreputable hardcore-punkband Black Flag, where brawls in the crowd were common. Later he starts his own band: The Rollins Band. Social commentary ánd stand up comedyWhat will he tell us tonight? How a first listen to The Ramones gave him back his lifepleasure with punkrock? His friendship with Lemmy (Motörhead)? The bizarre things that has happened during 25 years of touring? Yeah, that kind of stuff, but it's not only about the life on the road. He will also give his personal vision on politics, war, racism and sexuality. A interesting mix of social commentary en hilarical stand up comedy you don't want to miss! The Guardian gave **** to the show. 

  • 17:30
  • 18:30