Saturday 26 January 2019 2019

Presented by Paard and Projazz

De Raad van Toezicht is a 12-headed band from Arnhem. We can’t imagine the big jazz festivals in The Netherlands, like North Sea Jazz, without them ever since their big breakthrough in 2016. The energy of de Raad van Toezicht is contagious: every performance ends in a party, every time. Jazz and funk are the main ingredients, but you can imagine it is hard to stay to only one genre when your band exists out of 12 members. And that is why you hear so many different influences in their music. From banging rock to African, Latin and Western music.

  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:30

The band was noticed by the bigger media for a reason. When the band released their debut album ‘De Raad’ in April 2017, they got even more positive reviews. De Raad became a frequently asked guest at DWDD and is synonymous for the new generation jazz talents. A new extensive club tour is planned in 2018, and luckily they don’t skip Paard! Expect spontaneity and a strong groove you want to dance on!

“ Met dit concept kan de band in heel Nederland en zelfs daarbuiten aanslaan. “

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