Thursday 4 January 2018


Yes! We have another great double-bill ready for you! The two heavy and loud bands Steak Number Eight and Brutus will fill this evening with strong guitar riffs and thumping basslines.


*incl € 2,50 servicefee


This Trio from Leuven, Belgium creates punk like no other band does. Listen to the revolving shoegaze guitars, drums like runaway horses and the passionate voice of drummer Stefanie Mannaerts and you know exactly what we mean. With their debut album ‘Burst’ they played a staggering amount of festival shows and also did a tour through the UK. Next year they come to Paard to bring down the walls.

Steak number Eight

As a tribute to his past away brother, Brent Vanneste founded the band Steak Number Eight when he was thirteen, the name referring to a song title of his brothers metal band Voidpoint. When their debut record released back in 2011 they got compared to bands like Mastodon and Tool.  They bring their latest record ‘Kosmokoma’ with an electric mix of raw aggression and melodic sounds to Paard.


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