Sniester Festival 2017

Festival in de Haagse binnenstad met meer dan 80 acts op meer dan 13 locaties.

Friday 26 May 2017 8361

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Central Sniester cash register:
The Sniester cash register is on Grote Markt. Here you can go to change your ticket for a wristband and to buy tickets. The register is open on friday from 15:00, saturday from 13:00 and closes between 00:30 and 01:00.


After three already incredibly successful editions of the annual Sniester festival, it’s time to kick off the fourth edition on May 26, 27 and 28. The simmering summery city festival will broaden its horizon once again with many new acts and locations and for the first time, tickets will be on sale for the general public. Besides the musical comfort zone consisting of venues like Paard, De Zwarte Ruiter and Rootz, Sniester will expand its territory to various attics and basements in the city center. These exciting new locations will be announced in the course of time leading to the festival. If you attend the ‘Sniester Event’ on Facebook, you will receive Sniester updates from us when they’re still hot.

  • Popdistrict: Paard, Grote Markt en meer
  • 15:00
  • 20:00

The first acts have been added to the bill: Animal House, Donnie, Navarone, Son Mieux and more! The first names have been finally announced. The list of artists is again very diverse this year: the Australian adrenaline-pop band Animal House will be playing in close proximity to hyped rapper and style icon Donnie and seventies-rock band Navarone, but also beside the ultramodern electro-act OJJ and, from our very own The Hague, the psychedelic stoner rock band Monomyth and Son Mieux with his enchantingly beautiful pop songs. But wait… we’ve only just begun!

The line-up thus far:
Animal House (AUS)
Canshaker Pi
Jacle Bow (BE)
Jo Goes Hunting
Pip Blom
Simon Keats
The Graveltones (AUS)
The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip

Including the following local acts:
Son Mieux

What is Sniester?
‘Sniester’ stands for fireworks… the kind that goes off with a BANG!, which is exactly what this festival has to offer. Sniester is an explosion of discoveries, wrapped in an action-packed line-up of exhilarating live shows, after parties, (the fun kind of) drama and lots of child-proof activities. The Sniester festival, as visually represented by an cat riding a moped, puts an end to stages towering over the concert aficionados, crush barriers and otherwise unreachable musical amusement; on the other hand, Sniester embraces passion, good vibes, adventure and enthusiasm. Organizer Marco Bijsterbosch: ‘What serves as the glue that makes all the fractions of Sniester stick together, is that special energy. Regardless of whether you’re watching a hard core punk band, or a lady softly singing while playing her acoustic guitar, the experience has to mesmerize you, because it’s unique, straight from the heart and totally rad. You don’t attend Sniester to see world-famous acts; you attend Sniester because you’re looking for something new and exciting.’

Sniester Junior Sunday
The line-up has been expanding rapidly this year. More bands, DJs, theatrical performances, collaborations with other local cultural start-ups and even more good food than the bygone years. Another novelty of this edition, is the Sniester Junior Sunday: an action-packed day of festivities and adventures for The Hague’s youngest festivalgoers. Attending Sniester Sunday does not require a ticket.

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Sniester is made possible by Grote Markt The Hague and Paard.