melodieuze, kleurrijke jazz en wereldmuziek met klassieke invloeden

Saturday 29 September 2018 8365

Portugese drummer and composer Marco Santos makes  melodious, colourfull jazz and world music with classical influences. Improvising on emotions with a poetic vision on a world where music is the mission to unite the people. His music will go from quiet and modest to swinging beats. Santos really does take you on a trip to your inner self.

Marco studied at the conservatory in Lisbon as well in The Hague. He shares his love for music with a passionate show, surrounded by his closest friends in a live setting.

  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

In this five hour program there will be visitations from co-musicians such as:

– Dualities
– Unity Band
– Dina Medina – Singer
– Miguel Sucasas – Sax’s & Ewi
– Paulo Bouwman – Guitars & Vocals
– Danilo Tavares – Bass
– Rodrigo Cordeiro – Balafon & Percussions
– Aly N’Diaye Rose – Percussion
– Kees Gelderblom – Guitar & Vocals
– Omar Ka – Vocals
– Jacob Coulibaly – Guitar
– Ebou Calebasse – Calebasse
– DJ Espresso Records

Visual artist:
– Alexandra Arshanskaya
– Franklin Lopes
– Coby Pronk