donderdag 19 mei 2022

Paardcafé: DB + Misprint + Croptop

The Tilburg post-punk formation Docile Bodies has been making music for a while, had plans to perform often in 2020 and preferred to show itself to the general public with recordings only after that. That order was relegated to the trash thanks to a certain virus and the band has decided to release debut single Only This today. A strong, almost cinematic post-punk record that suggests that Docile Bodies has been making music much longer than it already has.
Croptop is a three-piece band that might have born during the curfews and isolation of 2020, but was conceived at sweaty concerts and riotous parties back in the good old days. Drunken conversations and a love of wiry garage punk bands like Useless Eaters, Total Control and Sauna Youth formed a bond between drummer Maud Sztern, guitarist Sjoerd Nieuwkoop and bassist Danny Walker.
The four scoundrels from Misprint in Nijmegen will whisper reassuring words to you before they drag you into the mosh pit with gritty punk violence. Their first EP, ‘The firstborn’, was released in 2021. The brand new single ‘Museum’ will be released on April 8, 2022.
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