Tuesday 16 September

First names announced for  State-X New Forms festival 2014

Kyteman Orchestra at 11th edition of The Hague  State-X New Forms festival
12 & 13 december 2014: festival for avant-garde rock, cutting edge electronics and nu-art 

State X New Forms logo

On December 12 +13 the 11th edition of the State-X New Forms festival will take place in and around Paard van Troje, The Hague. The international oriented music- and art festival hosts a large variety of acts, offering its audience a broad scope of the current underground- and experimental music scenes.
The festival aims to interpret the underlying connections between the present and the past of its different art forms. It is exactly these subcutaneous interconnections that give State-X New Forms its inquisitive, unpredictable and exciting character.

On Friday December 12th the festival will be characterized by an adventurous cross-over between Hip-Hop, Jazz, Improvisation and World Music. On Saturday, SXNF will explore the dark depths of the more extreme sides of the musical spectrum.

In the coming weeks, many more acts will be confirmed. At this moment it is certain the following acts will be found in The Hague the second weekend of December: The Kyteman Orchestra: The Jam Sessions, Black Moon & Champion Soundz performing ’Enta Da Stage’, The Hard Way, Dawn Of Midi, K-X-P, Songhoy Blues, Sons Of Kemet, Wendy McNeill, The Beat Revolver ft. The Drip Dry Man, Guerilla Toss, Jambinai, The Wave Pictures and Thus:Owls.
Besides musical performances, there will also be a focus on graphic-design, spatial-art and various other performances.

Tickets and Early Bird discounts.
The pre-sale of passe-partout passes and single Friday tickets has started on the website www.paard.nl. A limited amount of ‘Early Bird’ tickets is available for quick deciders for the reduced price of € 22,50 (day ticket) and € 30 (passe-partout). Single tickets for Saturday will be available at a later time.
 –Passe-partout:          Early Bird         €30       | Regulier  € 35
Friday Ticket:          Early Bird         €22,50  | Regulier  € 27,50
– Saturday Ticket:     Available later (Purchasing a passe-partout will always be cheaper than two separate day tickets)

 Friday December 14: The Kyteman Orchestra: The Jam Sessions, Black Moon & Champion Soundz, Dawn Of Midi, K-X-P, Songhoy Blues, Sons Of Kemet a.o.

Saturday December 13: The Beat Revolver ft. The Drip Dry Man, Wendy McNeill, Guerilla Toss, Jambinai, The Hard Way, Thus:Owls , The Wave Pictures a.o.

The State-X New Forms festival is a collaboration between Paard van Troje and Haags Pop Centrum.

Website: http://www.state-xnewforms.nl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Statexnewformsfestival
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/Statexnewformsfestival?ref=hl#!/events/524728180945766/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Statexnewforms

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