Tuesday 31 March 2020

PAARD gesloten tot en met 1 juni

The government has taken some corona measures. One of these measures is a ban on events, festivals and concerts in The Netherlands until the 1st of June. Concert halls will be open again from 1 June for a small number of visitors, but adapted rules apply. Events that take place in this period in PAARD are being moved to a new date as much as possible. We made a summary of the shows that would take place during this period. Here you can check the list of shows that have been moved or cancelled.

Why the initiative: Save your ticket, enjoy later
The financial impact of the Corona measures also has a huge impact on the cultural sector. That is why, in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Authority for Consumers & Markets, an arrangement has been drawn up that offers solutions in this exceptional situation. In the spirit of ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, we ask visitors to keep their ticket(s) and enjoy the concert on its’ rescheduled date, or to convert the tickets into a digital voucher and come back later to PAARD to enjoy another concert.

Choosing for PAARD credit would help us a lot
The effect of the credit option is that the direct financial impact of the many rescheduled and cancelled concerts for PAARD becomes more manageable, so that you can enjoy beautiful concerts with us in the future without any problems. It would therefore be very helpful if you do not immediately ask for a refund, but instead ask to convert your ticket(s) into a voucher. Read below how this voucher works.

The options for PAARD visitors in a row
Save your Ticket: Do you have a ticket for a rescheduled show and you are able to attend the new date? Then you don’t have to do anything. Your current ticket remains valid for the new date.

Enjoy later: Do you have a ticket for a rescheduled show, but the new date does not suit your agenda, or do you have a ticket for a cancelled show? Then choose a digital voucher worth the amount of your tickets, including service fee. You do not have to spend the credit in one go, and if you have an amount left after the period of validity, we will automatically refund the remaining credit to you (on the account number/payment method with which you bought the tickets). This means that you always get your money back, even if you don’t spend it. You can see your credit in your PAARD account on the website, and it is valid for a minimum of 12 months.

We understand if ticket holders do not want to use this credit option; they can still reclaim their money. In consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Authority for Consumers & Markets, the regulation ‘Ticket fees for the Corona crisis in culture and sports events‘ has been drawn up to offer solutions in this exceptional situation. In this arrangement, the refund period applies for rescheduled concerts of no later than 1 month after the new date of the rescheduled event and in case of cancellation, 3 months after the cancellation. Please note: the refunding process is different than you are normally used to with a rescheduled show or cancellation.

How do I convert my ticket(s) into a credit?
PAARD will start implementing the regulation in the short term. Because this currently involves many thousands of tickets, we have to make a number of technical changes to our ticketing system. We are working hard on this. Once completed, ticket buyers of cancelled and rescheduled shows will receive an email from us explaining how to convert their tickets into a credit or request a refund.

Would you like to help PAARD and artists in other ways? 
You can help artists and PAARD in several ways:
1) Buy tickets for an artist that you want to support (ticket fees excl. service costs will go to the artist) and at the checkout you can add an extra donation that will go to PAARD
2) Become FRIEND of PAARD for € 50 per year: www.paard.nl/vriendenclub.
3) Come to the PAARD Pop-up store and buy merch from 
The Hague based artists (100% for artist)

More information
We hope that the information above is sufficient for you for now. As soon as we have the credit option, we will start informing all ticket buyers as soon as possible, so keep an eye on your email.

More information can also be found at ‘save your ticket, enjoy later‘.



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